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Our Core Purpose

Over the past few years, we have noticed subpar lashes being advertised with inflated price tags and the exaggerated costs do not reflect the quality it suggests.

Within our efforts to change the dynamics of how mink lashes are created and valued, we have spent a great deal of time mastering a refined lash collection.

As a result, we have designed hand constructed lashes utilizing Eco-friendly black cotton stalk and luxurious mink strands that meets both our high standards of outstanding quality and authenticity.

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Five Dimensional Build

Our mink lashes have experienced what we consider a brilliant metamorphosis and the finished product is remarkably one of a kind.

Unlike the typical mink eyelash, our 5D lashes are impressively light as a feather and require less adhesive due to its meticulous and defined structure.

This series of lashes extend resilient curls for a dramatic appeal. With wispy clusters of mink strands, the layers of this lash provide voluminous definition that is naturally soft and comfortable.

Mink Lash Samples

Do you have your sight set on a specific pair of our mink lashes but aren't sure about making a bulk order commitment? The ultimate solution is to order a sample and try on those lashes that your eyeballs have been daydreaming about.

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Introducing Phenomenal Aura

You don't just look phenomenal - you ARE phenomenal. We have crafted magnificently colored mink lashes that capture the essence of your aura so that your vibrancy shines brighter than ever before.

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Signature Collection

I buy lashes from the big brands every month and so I wasn't sure these lashes would be comparable to the lashes I buy for $30 a pair but they're actually a thousand times better and I wear them everyday!

Kiah M.

It's not everyday you have a positive interaction with a company while buying online but I am amazed by how attentive and helpful Phenomenal Entity was throughout my entire shopping experience so A+ for their customer service.

Jacqueline R.

I own a lash company and I have been through nearly a dozen lash manufactures already and I'm constantly receiving offers for partnership from companies but I actually found pheneomenalentity online by myself and refuse to work with anyone else now.

Margaret S.

I usually buy my lashes from amazon because of the quick shipping but they didn't have lashes like these so I was skeptical about buying them from here but the lashes arrived quickly and I saved a lot of money buying wholesale.


Considering the sample is priced reasonably, I decided to give these lashes a try because I kept coming back to the website just to look at them... I ended up purchasing bulk after receiving it, I loved them so much.

Rachel E.

"Impeccable natural appearance of luscious lashes with voluminous definition and generous length"

Phenomenal Entity