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We are a team of false eyelash enthusiasts who like to consider ourselves as self proclaimed Mink eyelash connoisseurs. We understand how important it is to have a trusted store where you can buy your favorite Mink lashes and accessories without having to website surf for the best deal and selections. We also know how limited options can be when shopping at physical stores. We have a vision here at Our vision is for all lash enthusiasts to find fulfillment in our Mink Eyelash Boutique and shop with us.

As we are firm advocates of animal welfare, we are dedicated to providing cruelty-free products. All of our eyelash manufacturers undergo a thorough investigation process. Once a product is confirmed cruelty-free, we add it to our store catalog. Lashes we discover promoting unethically manufactured lashes are added to our rejection database where they are discarded.

Striving to be the best at what we do, our Mink eyelash boutique allows for easy navigation within an extensive selection of Mink lashes. Whether you are in search of your signature lash or you’re adding to your lash collection, we are certain you will find what you are looking for at Our store has many lengths and styles available that will suit any occasion with accessories to match.

We are frequently updating our catalog with new selections for you to browse and find your perfect match. is proud to serve our customers only the highest quality authentic Mink lashes on the market. We strongly believe our customers are phenomenal. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and we are here to enhance the phenomenal of your entity. We are thrilled to be your favorite Mink eyelash boutique and we hope you like our store as much as we do.

Why Choose Us?


Mink Eyelashes are our specialty. That’s why have hand selected every lash in our store and carry signature lengths and styles. Shop with us and explore our variety of lashes in our boutique. Based on the nature of our handcrafted Mink lashes, not every lash will be identical, so please allow room for slight differences.


Our boutique takes the hassle out of additional shipping charges by eliminating shipping charges completely. We believe in exceptional services and we are in the providing  you with phenomenal service. Our business practice consists of free shipping on all orders within the United States.

LASH 101

There is no such thing as too much beauty knowledge. Our Lash 101 will overload you with an abundance of tips, guides and everything beauty. We take pride in composing quality articles for our readers and we release new reading material frequently. We are certain you will find our Lash 101 very helpful and easy to read.

Mink Lashes Is Our Forte.

Many other companies offer a variety of products along with their lashes. We see no problem with that. But our specialty is Mink lashes. We only carry products related to Mink lashes. Because we focus only on Mink lashes and accessories, it gives our customers the opportunity to avoid seeing irrelevant or unwanted products and focus on what they truly are in search of.

Based In The United States.

Our company is a United States business. We conduct our services and are located in the United States. We are an ethical, honest company who want the best for our customers. We currently do not offer our services to foreign countries at this time but as our company grows, we expect to add new shipping zones to our serviced territories.

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