How long are mink lashes reuable?

are mink lashes reusable

Are mink lashes reusable? The short, simple answer is yes, Mink lashes are reusable. You may wonder how many times Mink lashes can be reused and the answer will vary. Lash reuse are estimates. Factors contributing the determined lash longevity, like care and handling, cause reuse values to vary. Furthermore, an unused pair of Mink lashes serve an approximate 25 reuses as the anticipated lifespan.

As a result of  high demand for quality lashes, the lashes in our store are all composed of authentic Mink fur material. Mink fur is ultra fine, therefore a naturally lightweight eyelash material. With a natural shine minus artificial gloss coating, Mink fur provides the most natural appearance when worn. In comparison to competing lash materials like synthetic and silk fibers, Mink lashes are superior in quality.  The authentic Mink fur follicles provide durable characteristics that alternative materials cannot wholly replicate. Based on the natural nature and handcrafted construction, Mink lashes boast up to 25 uses per pair.

While Mink lashes are reusable, lightweight and long lasting, it is important to care for them properly. We recommend to practice proper cleaning, care and handling techniques to ensure a fulfilled lifespan of your Mink eyelashes. Improper care and handling of your Mink lashes will decrease longevity and durability and prove ultimately fatal to the Mink eyelash lifespan. Therefore, we encourage our Mink lash enthusiasts to browse our blog for our dedicated articles relating to Mink eyelashes.


What Lash Materials Are Reusable?

Although Mink lashes uphold an extensive reuse value, certain allergies may yield hazard to an allergic individuals health. In this case, we highly recommend an alternative lash material. Please be aware lash reuse values will not be the same as Mink when opting-in for alternative lash materials. Not all lash materials are equal, hence some are designed for single wear and some are reusable. Research the alternative lash material prior to any final decision so that you are aware of the lifespan of your lashes and plan accordingly.

Synthetic lashes consist of plastic fibers, permitting the lowest longevity rate of about three uses. Silk lashes are usually glossier and thicker than Mink lashes, allowing an approximate 10 reuses. Faux Mink lashes are glossier than silk, composed of poly-synthetic fibers and provide a shorter lifespan than Mink. Human hair lashes are real human hair follicles with an approximate five wears. While there may be some materials we did not mention here today, like fox hair, fringe weave, acrylic, etc. that is because our forte and area of expertise is Mink.

Being that we are lash enthusiasts, we encourage our lash fanatics to explore lash materials to discover which material works best for them as an individual. Please remember to do your research and take care of your lashes, both natural lashes and your falsies. Also remember, eyelash reuse values are estimates. Proper care and handling will ultimately determine fulfillment of your eyelashes projected lifespan.

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