How to apply makeup with mink lashes

apply makeup with mink lashes

In this article, we explore makeup and lashes. Are you wondering if you should apply eye makeup or foundation before or after placing falsies? We have answers. If you already have a makeup routine or you are just starting out, we offer tips and techniques you may find helpful in your makeup regimen. We believe in personal choice and although we make our recommendations, we also take alternative options into consideration and provide you with reason or warning. So let’s dive right into it!



Whether you decide to use foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen or astringent and so on, we recommend applying the layer before placing your lashes. Foundation is ideally the best place to start in a makeup regimen as you won’t have to worry about potential eye shadow, liner or mascara smudging. As a beauty tip, always moisturize prior to proceeding with other makeup and we urge you to keep your neck moisturized. Your neck is prone to dryness and elasticity reduction. To create a uniform appearance when using tinted or colored facial layers, apply a layer to your neck and eyelids.


Eye Shadow

Let’s assume that you have made the decision to definitely apply eye shadow with your falsies.  The first thing we recommend for you to do is apply eye shadow before placing your Mink lashes. You can avoid duck and diving your mink lashes in attempt to add eye glam, hence the work is already done by applying eye shadow first. Applying eye shadow first  may prevent early poking, bending or moving of your lashes. On the other hand, falsies applied before eye shadow may risk glitter or loose powder falling downward and getting caught in the lash. You may want to consider opting in for a tight-bristled eyelash brush and shaking off excess powder, if necessary.



Should you choose to wear eyeliner with your mink lashes, we recommend to apply liner before lash placement. Applying liner before placing eyelashes is like a guide to proper lash placement. If you are unsatisfied with your liner application upon Mink lash placement, you may touch-up your liner to accomplish desired results. Also, if you have any lingering traces of visible adhesive, it may be beneficial using eyeliner to blend. Applying liner before eyelashes is recommended, however, there’s no rule excluding the option to apply liner only after lash placement. Whichever way you choose to handle liner and lashes – whether before or after or both, we suggest oil-free powder eyeliners in conjunction with Mink lashes. Remember, as we like to say, less is more.


Lash Primer

Lash primer conditions both natural lashes and Mink lashes. Even more, lash primer protects lashes while enhancing length and volume. We advise applying lash primer after applying your falsies, as the coating will dry before blending. With that, we highly recommend applying primer before a coating of mascara to intensify results. Contrary to white primers,  tinted lash primers may be worn as an alternative to mascara, while nourishing and strengthening your natural lashes. Consider lash primer as a protective barrier, preventing possible damage to your lashes. Also, some lash primers contain proteins which facilitate natural lash growth. Avoid allowing the white primer to dry and apply mascara to the primer barrier while wet for blending.



Considering personal preference, whether you decide to apply mascara before or after placing your Mink lashes is your choice. Our Mink lashes are naturally dramatic, therefore mascara is not absolutely necessary. However, if you opt in for extra appeal, we highly recommend that you apply mascara after lash placement. We suggest using an oil-free formula of mascara as it will minimize the risk of early Mink lash separation. Applying mascara after placing your lashes is also considered a blending technique. A coat of mascara on your natural eyelashes with another layer of mascara applied to Mink lashes may cause a clumpy appearance and compromise natural characteristics. Please note that mascara may limit the overall longevity of your Mink eyelashes. Also note, mascara may contain chemicals that possibly yield quality reduction of your mink eyelashes.

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