How to care for your natural lashes

how to care for natural lashes

Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

why do we have eyelashes

Your eyelashes are actually a big deal. Your natural eyelashes prevent small particles, such as debris and dust from harming your eyes. Not only are your eyelashes a form of protection for your eye, they also act as a a warning.  Your eyelashes are sensitive to touch, therefore, when something is near your eye, your eyes will close on reflex. In addition to acting as a shield and their whisker-like characteristics, your lashes are often regarded as a symbol of beauty.

In the beauty sense of eyelashes, many individuals find themselves delving deeper into the false eyelash market, searching for enhancement. While we are profound mink eyelash enthusiasts, we also urge natural eyelash care. Whether your lashes are short, straight, curly, long or barely there, do not neglect your natural eyelashes or feel detached from their natural form. Your natural eyelashes are truly unique and our mink lashes merely accentuate their natural beauty.

Why should you care for your natural lashes? Consider natural lash care as a basic form of hygiene. Caring for your lashes is like a practice that should be as habitual as washing your face. Caring for your natural lashes properly results in stronger, more resilient lashes. Not only does caring for your lashes produce healthy durability, it minimizes risk of eye infection from possible lingering bacteria. Depending on your form of natural lash care, you may experience naturally extended length lashes that are fuller and thicker.


Natural Lash Care

To begin, how exactly do you care for your natural lashes? First, if you wear mascara, be diligent in avoiding picking or pulling the residue off your natural lashes. In addition, avoid tugging or yanking your natural lashes as it may result in damage such as rippled hair follicles. Rubbing your eyes excessively may cause irritation and eye infection, so refrain from the rubbing gesture. If you wear eye makeup like eyeliner and eye shadow, be thorough in completely removing all traces of makeup at the end of your day.

The most ideal time to perform natural lash care is in conjunction to your facial cleansing regime. This allows you to clean your natural lashes with care after your entire face has been cleansed. To clean your lashes, you may use makeup remover or a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo. Dab some of your cleaning solution on a cotton ball and work it on your lashes with closed eyes until the lashes are clean.  Rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a sterilized paper towel.


Conditioning Eyelash Serum

eyelash serum

Not all eyelash conditioning serums are created equally. Some contain ingredients, such as isopropyl cloprostenate, bimatoprost or comparable prostaglandin which stimulate growth. On the other hand, some lash conditioners will primarily hydrate your lashes, resulting in fuller and thicker appearing lashes. It is also important to take into consideration that eyelash conditioning serums do not come entirely without risk. Some serum users experience undesired effects such as eye irritation or infection.

Read the ingredients and directions listed on your choice of lash conditioning serum. The standard form of application is to apply serum to the lash line only and avoid the eyelid. A standard time to apply your lash conditioning serum is overnight. For the reason being, the resting phase of your eyes will allow the ingredients to work without disruption. Some serums are designed to wear in the day. Ensure your lashes are clean and bare at the time of application.


Natural Oils

natural eyelash oil

If you prefer to devise a concoction of your own conditioning eyelash serum, natural oils are a great alternative. With oils, you can mix and match ingredients and find your perfect blend designed just for you. When using natural oils for eyelash care, use small amounts. Apply the oils evenly and observe that no irritation develops through use. You may choose to use a clean mascara wand to apply your homemade serum to make application easier.

Some oil combinations require a particular combining technique, such as heating for example. Please be diligent in mixing your oils properly and storing them properly. There are various oil combinations with instructions for mixing and storing your homemade lash serum. Extend your research to find the best technique and combination for your desired results.

Natural oils contain many nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to your natural lashes. Not all natural oils are identical and each provide varying results. Therefore, we have created two lists for you. One list contains natural main oils that are commonly used alone or in combination with the second list of natural oils. We have also included a short description of of each oil for quick reference.


Common main natural oil ingredients are used alone and/or in combination with other oils:

Castor oil achieves thick and long lashes, prevents breakage and grows healthy lashes faster.

Olive oil encourages lash growth, promoting quality and strength for healthier and softer lashes.

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and Calcium and moisturizes and grows eyelashes.

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids. It hydrates lashes, moisturizes and promotes growth.

Coconut oil hydrates lashes, provides nutrition for lashes and penetrate lash follicles for growth.

 Jojoba oil protects the lashes, moisturizing the follicles to grow and fuller and longer.


Here is a list of natural oils that are used in combination with the common main oils:

Lavender Essential oil promotes healthy circulation and penetrates lash follicles with nutrients.

Neem oil is rich in fatty acids and moisturizes lashes, encouraging conditioned lashes and growth.

Rose Hip Seed oil revives lashes, resulting in healthier lashes that are fuller and stronger.

Rosemary oil repairs lash pigmentation and stimulates new lash growth.

Tea Tree oil cleans and moisturizes lashes, creating thicker and stronger lashes.

 Grape Seed oil is a good source of Vitamin E and encourages healthy lash growth.


Lash Comb

eyelash comb

Combing your lashes with a lash comb will separate any clumps, giving your lashes a fluttery appearance. We recommend combing your lashes once they are cleaned. In addition to a more naturally wispy lash, combing your lash will encourage lash growth. Do not comb your lashes without a mirror in order to avoid accidental eye injury. Furthermore, look up while you are combing your lashes. Comb in a gentle, upward motion for a natural curl.

You may opt in to comb your lashes in combination with natural oil before bed. This will allow the natural nutrients to penetrate your lash hair follicles as you sleep. As you would comb your hair everyday, we recommend you comb your lashes daily. The lash combing technique combined with natural oils may enhance healthy lash growth results and lash fullness. Be careful to comb your lashes with care and do not handle your natural lashes with hastily or with force.

Wash your lash comb regularly to ensure your lash comb is clean and safe to use. Do not use a lash comb that has dirt or other particles within the comb. Dirty lash combs may lead to eye irritation or infection because of the lingering bacteria. Do not use a comb that has damaged comb teeth, as this may cause plucking or damage to your natural lashes. Do not share your lash comb with others to avoid cross contamination. Replace your lash comb when necessary.


Vitamin E

vitamin e for eyelashes

Vitamin E promotes strengthening of your lash hair follicles and prevents shedding. Stimulating enhanced lash growth, Vitamin E also thickens lashes for a fuller appearance. Coming in many different forms, you can easily implement Vitamin E into your lash care routine. There are Vitamin E capsules that you can take orally daily. Capsules of Vitamin E will enhance your head hair, brows and lashes. You may also try Vitamin E oil directly on your lashes for targeted lash support.

Fresh lemon peels are a good alternative to Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E capsules, as lemon peels contain an abundance of Vitamin E & A. Simply peel the skin off fresh lemons and carefully infuse it with Olive oil in a glass jar and allow it to marinade overnight. You can use a clean mascara wand or q-tips to apply the oil to your natural lashes. Extract the oil and apply it to your lashes at night to your clean natural lashes. Rinse with warm water in the morning. Lemon peels infused with olive oil will add volume to your lashes and encourage lash growth.


Green Tea

green tea for eyelashes

Green tea contains compounds and antioxidants that can improve your psychical performance, brain function and body health. With metabolism boosting properties, drinking green tea can help reduce body fat. Furthermore, Green tea benefits your lashes and promotes lash growth. Naturally cleansing the lash hair follicles, green tea encourages stronger, thicker and healthier lashes.

To create your green tea lash solution, you can use green tea leaves or green tea bags. First, you will need a warm cup of water. Next, you will place either the green tea leaves or green tea bags into the cup of warm water. Once the warm cup of water changes color, the green tea is ready to be applied to your lashes. Dip a clean, sterilized cotton ball into the cup of green tea. Close your eyes and gently smear the green tea to your lashes using the saturated cotton ball. Apply green tea to your lashes daily at night and rinse with warm water in the morning.



Now that you have learned a few tips for growing healthy and stronger lashes, we encourage you to explore which technique works best for you. Our mink lashes are designed to boost confidence for a bold, dramatic eye appearance. Underneath it, we believe you should feel as great about your natural lashes, as you do about our mink lashes. We find that by possessing a positive attitude towards your natural beauty, adding beauty enhancing products merely emphasize your confidence and accentuate your beauty.

Begin your journey to proper care for your natural eyelashes. Grow naturally luxurious and lengthened lashes with oils, serums, green tea, combing, etc. The choice is yours to decide which form of eyelash care you will practice. Patience and detail are key. Be consistent and dedicated in your natural lash care routine for optimal results.

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