How to clean mink lashes


Following the removal of Mink lashes, comes the process of cleaning the lashes. Providing adequate aftercare for your Mink lashes is equally as important as removing them properly to avoid natural lash damage. Mink lashes are reusable due to their natural fibers and handcrafted assembly. With proper upkeep and care of your Mink lashes, you sustain the expected lifespan of your Mink lashes. Do you have to clean your false Mink lashes? In short, yes – if you expect to reuse them.

Why is it important to provide aftercare for your Mink lashes? Besides extending reuse value, there are many other important factors to take into consideration. For example, if you do not remove any lingering traces of adhesive from your lashes after removal, it will cause lash adhesive buildup. Lash adhesive buildup causes the Mink lashes to become clumpy. This distorts the appearance of your Mink lashes and their natural appearing characteristics. Additionally, lash buildup is a common place for bacteria growth. Bacteria growth not only diminishes the quality of your Mink lashes but also yields health hazards.

Health hazards associated with dirty Mink lashes should be taken very seriously and precautions should be taken to prevent these hazards from occurring. For your reference, I have composed a list of common bacteria generating influences on Mink lashes. Lash adhesive, dead skill cells, lingering makeup residue and dust particles. Health hazards such as lash mites, eye infections and eye irritation may be likely to occur from dirty lashes and poor or improper Mink lash upkeep. Now that we have explained why lash care is important, we can dive right into how to properly clean your Mink lashes.


How to properly clean Mink lashes?

Simply removing your Mink lashes and storing them away is not adequate upkeep for your Mink lashes. It is crucial to practice proper cleaning techniques after removing your Mink lashes. For your convenience, we have categorized the lash cleaning process by steps. After each lash removal, complete each step and your Mink lashes will look and feel like new again. Not only will they feel like new, but they will be safe to use again for future applications. If you do not wear makeup with your Mink lashes, the makeup removal step is not applicable to you.


Step 1 – Wash your hands thoroughly

Cleaning one thing comes cleaning another! Hands carry bacteria. Always remember to wash your hands before removing and cleaning your Mink lashes.


Step 2 – Remove Lingering Lash Adhesive

What you will need

Lash Removing Tweezers (optional)

Eye Makeup Remover (if applicable)

Q-tip (if applicable)

Assuming you’ve just removed your Mink lashes and now you’re wondering how to get them properly cleaned and stored, let’s begin with removing any lingering traces of lash adhesive. For this step, we recommend you use lash removing tweezers as it makes the process easier. You may choose to proceed without them upon your choosing and use your hand instead. First, you will carefully clutch the Mink lash with your hand or tweezers in a firm grip and use your other hand to pick off any remaining glue. Do not attempt to yank off lash adhesive that is not easily removed, as you may accidentally rip off Mink lashes. Only pick off the lash adhesive that removes easily.

Next, for the lash adhesive that cannot be picked off by your hand, you will need eye makeup remover and a Q-tip. Dip and saturate your Q-tip into the eye makeup remover. Clutch your Mink lash again, carefully in a firm grip with your tweezers or hand and point the Q-tip at the base of the eyelash band. Gently glide the Q-tip across the base of the eyelash band, maneuvering in an upward motion as pictured below. Repeat this technique, as it will assist in dissolving or loosen any lingering lash adhesive. After using the Q-tip, meticulously pick off the remaining lash adhesive until all traces are gone.

Step 3 – Makeup Removal

What you will need

Cotton Pads


Eye Makeup Remover

Lash Cleanser Soap

Moving along to the next step, you will place one cotton pad on a flat surface. Next, place one Mink lash on top of the cotton pad. Furthermore, you will pour some eye makeup remover on top of the Mink Lash. Once the Mink lash is completely saturated with eye makeup remover, you will take another cotton pad and place it on top of the Mink lash. Allow the lash to sit between the cotton pads for about half a minute. This technique allows for the cotton pads to absorb any makeup and dirt which are present.

Once 30 seconds have passed, gather your sterilized Q-tip and saturate the Q-tip in lash cleanser soap. You will then proceed to swipe away the rest of the dirt and makeup from the Mink lash. Remember to be diligent in paying attention to detail to ensure your Mink lashes are getting the maximum cleansing experience. Use your Q-Tip to swipe all around your Mink lashes, especially on the band and lash hairs.

Let’s assume by now, you’ve completely removed all lash adhesive, dirt and makeup from your lashes. It’s time to grab a new sterilized Q-Tip and saturate it in warm water and swipe your Mink lashes to remove any lash cleanser soap. Next, place a sterilized paper towel on a flat surface and then place your Mink lash on the paper towel and allow it to dry. Do not attempt to squeeze the lash dry. You will repeat the same steps for dirty Mink lash while the clean one sits to dry.


Step 4 – Storing Mink Lashes

What you will need

Original Lash Packaging or qualified lash box


Now that your Mink lashes are clean, dry and ready to store, it’s a good idea to place them back into the original packaging. Placing Mink lashes back into the original packaging ensures a maintained shape. When the lashes are safely placed, grab your sterilized Q-tip and neatly brush the Mink hairs in place to avoid leaving the lashes in clusters. This technique will maximize preserving the natural shape of the Mink lashes. Make sure your lashes are kept in a closed box to avoid dust and bacteria from gathering before next usage. You have now completed all of the steps to properly clean and store your Mink lashes. Follow these steps after each removal process. You will thank yourself every time you reapply your Mink lashes and they feel and look like new!


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