Identify improper mink eyelash usage

identify improper mink eyelash use

Excess Adhesive

In concerns to the health of your natural lashes and the use of adhesive, less is more. Lash adhesives are not all created equally, with some containing higher risk of damage than others. We don’t recommend coating a generous amount of adhesive on your lashes. Use your adhesive sparingly and only as you need. Eyelash adhesive may directly affect the health of your eyelash hair follicles if used excessively. The bonding mechanism of lash adhesive also activates a chemical reaction in the curing process. Use adhesive in a well ventilated area to avoid the risk of toxic fumes contaminating the air and possible inhalation.

Do NOT use excess adhesive, especially if you have not patch tested for allergies as it may yield serious hazard to your health and natural lashes. Avoid using excessive adhesive under the impression it will stick better or last longer because that is false. Do not attempt to stick the adhesive to your natural lashes immediately after applying the glue on your mink lash without allowing the adhesive to become tacky. Ensure you utilize the proper adhesive glue designed for its designated purpose, whether it be extensions or full strip lashes.

If you use too much lash adhesive, the result may be sloppy, blotchy and visible. Excessive glue amounts may spill onto your Mink lash and may alter the lash characteristics. Too much adhesive may also bond your natural lashes together and possibly your eyelids. Avoid causing direct harm to the health of your natural lashes by avoiding excess adhesive applications.

NOTE: Learn how to Apply Lash Adhesive Properly


Weight Of Eyelashes

heavy eyelashes

False lashes may cause unwanted side effects to your natural eyelashes. Synthetic lashes are manufactured using plastic materials and are heavier than our lightweight mink lashes. Heavy eyelash weight may yield a hazard to your natural eyelash health under regular use. We recommend lightweight lashes for extended wear.

Heavy eyelash materials may present a narrowing eye appearance because it is weighing your natural eyelashes down. The weight of your Mink lashes should not cause the eyelashes to hang down in front of your eyes, but instead portray a perky lifting effect. False eyelashes that are too heavy may cause a pesky battle between your bottom and top lashes, where the lashes will catch to each other when blinking.

Eye and natural lash discomfort are common with heavy lashes, making the process of grooming unnecessarily tedious. Heavy eyelashes tend to crisscross in undesired ways and tangle. The nuisances contributed from heavy eyelash wear may directly affect the health of your natural lashes. Please be aware that heavy eyelashes may cause premature shredding of the hair follicles, thinning or even permanent damage like bald spots with repeated offenses.

Eyelash Curler + Mascara

lash curler damageIf you choose to use a curling tool and on your Mink lashes in combination with mascara, we recommend your lashes are curled prior to mascara application. We recommend this method because when mascara is applied prior to curling, the texture of the lash is more stiff, brittle and susceptible to breakage. Repeated use of curling Mink lashes with mascara present may lead to your natural lash follicles becoming damaged. Bare lashes are softer and more bendable, which minimizes the risk of lash damage.

Curling lashes prior to mascara, minimizes risk of damage but does not eliminate it entirely. Use caution when utilizing your curler and do not curl exactly at your lash line but below your natural lash line. Treat lash curling as a delicate procedure in order avoid unnecessary plucking, yanking or snapping. We advise taking a break from curling lashes from time to time to decrease the chances of eyelashes wearing down.

Ensure your lash curling pad is up to date and free of signs of heavy usage. Go the extra mile and clean your lash pad frequently to extend its lifetime and reliability. Replace lash curling pads to as needed to avoid exposing your lashes to the material of the curler. Lashes are naturally fragile, therefore, clamping your lashes with a death grip or for extended periods of time is not advised.

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