Measure and trim your mink lashes

measure and trim mink lashes

Mink Lashes Don’t Fit Eyes?

Let’s say you just got your new pair of false lashes and tried putting them on… Only to realize they don’t exactly fit. How curious, although not unusual so don’t be alarmed! Mink lashes are not entirely “one size fits all” and chances are, you’ll have to do a little sizing project. The beautiful thing about the world is that we’re all unique with different sizes and shapes of magnificent eyes. Therefore, it’s completely normal if your mink lashes don’t fit straight out of the box and require a little trim here and there before wear.

So, now you know your mink lashes need a trim before you can wear them properly. The next question you’re probably wondering is how do I measure and trim mink lashes? It’s actually a quick and easy process so don’t get overwhelmed. All you will need is your mink lashes, tweezers, a pair of scissors and your eyes, of course. Sounds simple, right? It is!

First things first, you’re not performing surgery so don’t perform your measurements with shaky hands. Shaky hands may throw off your sizing and leave you with a pair of short mink lashes that don’t fit your eyes. This mistake cannot be undone without having to try gluing the pieces back together or buying a new pair entirely. Secondly, don’t be too hasty in measuring your lashes because this may also result in incorrect measurements.

Overall, the measuring and trimming of your mink lashes is an easy process. It is also a process that should done with observation to detail, calm and gentle handling, as well as patience to measure the proper fit. Now that we have discussed the basics, lets dive right into the steps you will take to get your mink lashes to fit your eyes perfectly.


Step 1: Measure

measure lashes

To begin, gently grip your mink lash from the outer corner with your tweezers and lay the lash on your upper lash line. Be diligent in ensuring that you position the inner corner of the mink lash to the exact location where your natural lash begin. Sometimes the mink lashes may interfere with your personal comfort from direct placement. As an alternative, you may also place the inner corner of the mink lash in a position along the inner corner that you prefer.

After positioning the inner corner of your mink lash, use your hand to keep the lash in place while you measure the outer corner. Keep in mind that the outer corner of the mink lash should not exceed the width of your lash line. Position the outer corner of the mink lash directly where your natural lash ends. Once you have the mink lash in the proper position, use your tweezers to pinch the lash band so that there is an indentation where you will trim.

Rumors are to never cut the inner ends of the mink lashes but everyone has their own technique. While some people chose to trim the inner edge and some prefer the outer corners, the choice is yours. If you don’t want to sacrifice your wispy edges, you should cut from the inner corners. Or, if you’d rather keep the inner corner as they are, you’d cut from the outer corners. If you opt in to trim from the inner corners, we recommend measuring from the outer corner first.


Step 2: Trim

trim lashes

Please do note that you will need to measure both mink lashes separately because it’s not uncommon for one eye to be wider than the other. Now that you have measured your mink lash to fit your eye, you will need your scissors. Considering the task at hand, you will have a reasonably sized pair of scissors to accommodate the small lash. Locate the indentation you’ve applied to the lash band and carefully snip a small portion of it off before you cut directly at the indentation.

Go ahead and place the eyelash back on your upper lash line just to test your measurements. If you discover that an additional snip is required, you can proceed with further trimming. The reason why you don’t want to completely snip at your indention during your first snip is because your measurements may have been a little. It’s better to be safe than sorry and snip small parts slowly until you reach your desired results, using your indentation as a guide line.

Once you have successfully trimmed your lash to your liking, you can consider yourself done with this project. Sometimes eyelash enthusiasts may become creative and give their mink lashes a haircut. Haircut meaning trimming a few pieces off here and there and altering their appearance and definition. If you choose to do this, we recommend you know exactly what you are doing, as this requires the right trims in the right places.


Step 3: Apply Lashes

Now that your lashes are measured and trimmed, they are ready to be applied.

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