Remove false lashes correctly

how to remove false lashes properly


Ready to remove your Mink eyelashes and unsure how to begin? To minimize natural lash damage, it’s helpful to adapt a proper technique and safe method in lash removal. You certainly do not want to damage your natural lashes in the removal process, therefore, avoid tugging or pulling your Mink eyelashes. To reiterate, do not attempt to yank off your falsies to get them off. Lash removal is a delicate process and should be treated as such because your natural lashes are at risk for damage if handled incorrectly or roughly. Now that we have this precaution covered, we may begin the lash removal process. First things first, wash your hands, as your hands carry bacteria.


What you will need:
  1. Wash your hands
  2. Eye makeup remover
  3. Q-Tip or cotton ball
  4. Lash removing tweezers (optional)


Eye makeup remover

False eyelashes are applied with a temporary glue which cannot be dissolved simply with water. For this reason, the lash removal process requires an eye makeup remover formula. While lash removing tweezers are optional, it makes for easier handling if you choose to utilize. Use new, sterilized q-tips or cotton balls for each removal procedure for proper hygienic concerns.

We recommend an eye makeup remover to assist you in the task of removing your Mink lashes. Eye makeup remover gently dissolves lash adhesive to painlessly detach the base of Mink lashes from your natural lashes. You can choose an oil-free formula for lash removal that wont leave behind traces of oil and minimize damage to your Mink eyelashes. On the other hand, you may opt-in to use a natural oil-based eye makeup remover if you’d prefer to reap the benefits of the natural nutrient ingredients.

Just a heads up before we begin, you don’t need to drench your Q-Tip or cotton ball in eye makeup remover solution. Simply saturate it just enough. What’s “just enough”? Enough so that it’s not dripping profusely. Depending on your cotton selection, there are different techniques which allow optional variation. Discover which method works best for you. Do not attempt to apply eye lash remover under your lashes.


Q-Tip method

how to remove lashes with qtips


First, you will grab your sterilized Q-tip and saturate one tip. As mentioned earlier, dip your Q-tip into the eye makeup remover solution to saturate. Now that you have the tip of your Q-Tip saturated, point the Q-tip to the outer corner of your eye where the base of the lash band begins. Keep the Q-tip aimed directly on the lash band for this technique.


Slide the Q-tip across the base of your Mink eyelash from the outer corner of your eye to the inner. Continue repeating this step in a gentle manner. Remember, this is not a marathon so don’t feel like you have to rush as you maneuver the Q-tip from one side to the other. This method is simple and the motion works effectively in dissolving the adhesive on Mink eyelash band in a direct manner.


The adhesive will begin to loosen and the Mink eyelashes band will begin detaching itself from your natural lashes. If you require additional eye makeup remover during this process, re-saturate the Q-tip and continue. Once you see progress is being made and the lash glue is dissolving, do not be tempted to finish the job by tugging the lashes off. Continue to slide the Q-tip across the Mink lash band until it gradually releases completely without a tug of assistance. If the Mink lash results in a dangling position, you may carefully use your lash tweezers to detach them or your hand.


Cotton ball method

how to remove lashes with cotton balls


saturate cotton

To begin, pour a little eye makeup remover solution into the eye makeup remover bottle cap and dip your cotton ball lightly. On the other hand, you can securely hold the cotton ball at the top of the eye makeup remover bottle opening and and gently tilt the bottle to saturate the cotton ball. Either method is effective. Remove any excess eye makeup remover from the cotton ball by squeezing the cotton ball and allowing the solution to drip. Now that your cotton ball is saturated, you’re ready to begin the lash removing process.



Close your eye and gently hold the cotton ball to the middle of your eye where the falsies band is located and hold it still for about 15-20 seconds. You don’t need to apply a tremendous amount of pressure. Simply hold the cotton ball in place lightly, as this technique is an effective introduction in dissolving the eyelash adhesive. Repeat this holding step for each corner of your eye, from outer corner, to middle, to inner corner. If you require additional eye remover solution, re-saturate your cotton ball and continue.


Next, hold the cotton ball to the outer corner of your eye where the lash band is located. Gently sweep the cotton ball in a downward motion. Repeat this step, moving horizontally across your eye after each downward sweep. You will begin to notice that as you are sweeping downward across your eye, the base of the Mink eyelash begin to loosen grip on your natural lashes. Once you see progress is being made, do not yank them off. Gently continue sweeping downwards. Continue this process until the Mink lashes are nearly in a dangling position. Carefully use your lash tweezers or hand to gently catch the Mink eyelash.


Natural Lashes – Lingering Adhesive Care

When the Mink lashes are completely detached, set them aside. You will return to your falsies for cleaning after removing all lash adhesive from your natural lashes first. Continue to use your Q-tip or cotton ball to remove any lingering traces of lash adhesive from your natural lashes. We highly recommend taking the extra time to remove all glue traces from your natural lashes to avoid potential damage and health hazards. Leftover adhesive may cause buildup and accumulate bacteria which may lead to eye infection or irritation. These unwanted side effects can be prevented by removing adhesive promptly from natural lashes after removing Mink lashes.


False Lashes – Cleaning & Caring After Removal

If you plan on reusing your Mink lashes, we recommend using your finger or lash tweezers to pick off any remaining adhesive on the base of your Mink lashes. Try to avoid leaving any lingering adhesive on Mink lashes you intend to reuse, as it may cause unwanted buildup and bacteria. Additionally, it may cause difficultly in future applications due to clusters of dried adhesive. Once you’ve successfully removed any lingering adhesive on your Mink lashes, you may proceed to cleaning them thoroughly. Learn how to clean Mink lashes.

s, check out our article about How To Clean False Lashes. We discuss how to clean Mink lashes and store them proper for future usage.

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