Tips to avoid eyelash damage

tips to avoid eyelash damage

Damage and Thinning Natural Lash Prevention

Let’s face it. There has come a time when lash enthusiasts, novice and experts alike, are guilty of at least one of the “False No-Nos”. Let’s make a vow to ourselves and our better judgments. Be sincerely serious in avoiding these no-nos at all costs. We understand it may be easy or even tempting sometimes to fall off track but let’s look at the bigger picture here: Preventing unnecessary damage or thinning to your natural lashes. Everything we discuss in this article is preventable with proper handling and care when wearing your falsies, to ensure the health and safety of your natural lashes.


Do Not Sleep With Makeup Applied

do not sleep with makeup on

We understand things happen. Sometimes you may sleep with your makeup still applied. However, we recommend you regularize a proper facial cleaning technique prior to sleep. Your natural eyelashes are susceptible to damage when mascara and falsies are applied. Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your face and health hazards like eye infections or eye inflammation are alarming concerns. In particular, mascara stiffens the eyelash. In the brittle mascara state, eyelashes are prone to crunch or bend, however, the risk of eyelash breakage during sleep is preventable.

Facial cleansing is a crucial element in proper handling of makeup and eyelashes. Incomplete or improper facial cleansing may result in unwanted side effects, directly affecting your natural eyelash health. We recommend you have your makeup remover and cotton balls prepared when you’re ready for sleep to avoid sleeping with makeup on. Be thorough, yet gentle during facial makeup removal. Avoid getting eye makeup into your eyes, as it may cause eye irritation. Leave no trace of mascara residue behind upon facial cleansing, as this will ensure proper cleaning has been fulfilled. Refer to our articles on how to Remove False Lashes Correctly and techniques for an Effective Facial Cleanse.


Do Not Excessively Rub Your Eyes

do not rub eyes

While rubbing your eyes is somewhat like a natural reflex, it’s advised to be avoided when your falsies are applied. In times of the occasional eye itch, tired eye or even scrubbing away at mascara, risk of natural lash damage is increased. Even more, an accidental hair follicle tear as a result of eye rubbing is a prime example of preventable damage.  Rubbing your eyes may seem soothing but it’s also a contributing factor to natural lash damage.

Eye rubs may be especially damaging if you have makeup and mascara applied, for the reason of potential eye contamination. Makeup residue entering the eye is one of the leading causes of eye irritation and infection. Unfortunately, irritated eyes increase the urge to rub eyes. If you must rub your eye, a couple of alternatives are instilling artificial tears, applying a clean, wet cloth over closed eyes or even eye exercises.


Do Not Rip Off or Tug False Lashes

do not tug eyelashes

A rip or tug of an eyelash may occur at any given time for a variety of reasons. Even a slight tug is capable of snatching your natural latch off the follicle. Tugging at your eyelash to ensure they’re placed firmly or as a prerequisite of yanking them off should be avoided. If your lashes become irritating, do not attempt to rip them off.  Remove your falsies properly to avoid damage to your natural lashes.

Wear your Mink lashes with extreme care. Damaged natural eyelashes must achieve a natural growth cycle before a new hair follicle reassembles. Lash regrowth is a natural, time consuming process. Unnecessary lash damage is preventable by wearing your Mink lashes without rip, yanks and tugs. Natural eyelashes repeatedly yanked are at risk for permanent damage like thinning, shredding and bald spots.


Avoid Heat Exposure

avoid heat exposure

We highly recommend that you do not expose your eyelashes to intense heat exposure. Beauty styling products such as heated lash curlers, heat emitting from a blow dryer or excessive heat weather may cause your lashes to dry and singe. Making a trip to the beach, pool or sauna is not advised when wearing your falsies. The lash adhesive is prone to melt as well as any applied makeup, increasing the risk of eye irritation, infection and facial breakouts. Apply your daily SPF and wear your sunglasses and sunhat if you plan on being exposed to outdoor heat for extended periods of time.



Yes, it’s true. Mascara does a pose a threat to your eyelash health. The reason for this is because over a course of time with extended improper use, lashes may begin to thin. Mascara containing the ingredient petroleum-based formulas should be avoided because they may cause delayed growth of the eyelash follicles.

Not only this, but waterproof mascara formulas are considered more difficult to remove and require a more thorough cleansing to be removed, which may result in extended eye rubbing which is not recommended. Furthermore, applying too much mascara to your lashes may cause breakages of the lash follicle and in this case, less is more.


Curling Lashes

Since we know that curling lashes is a quick fix if your lashes are missing a little curl, but do so with caution. Curling your lashing improperly may leave to lash breakage and damage. Sometimes the lash curler may pinch your lash and you’ve made the discovery that an eyelash has fallen out. If lashes are falling out every time your curl your lashes, you may want to reconsider using this method and opt in for a gentler curling technique. Curling your lashes may pluck or puncture your lash follicle so handle your curlers with care.

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