What is great about mink lashes?

what is great about mink lashes

So you have probably done your research on false eyelashes and have discovered the many types of lash materials. Sure, there’s lots of lash materials but that’s not why you’ve come here. You’re here because you’ve heard about mink fur being the superior lash material and you’re wondering why. Well, you come to the right place because we have answers for why mink lashes are great.

We love how mink lashes allow room for creativity. With so many different styles, you can switch up your look at any given time and your lashes will look phenomenal. You can wear them alone or with eye makeup and/or mascara. Without being bound to your selections, mink lashes can be worn for any occasion and are easily applied and removed. Mink lashes completely accentuate your natural beauty and can give your eyes an enhanced boost.

(As a tip, it’s wise not to share your lashes with others to avoid cross contamination. Make sure your lashes are for personal use only for yourself in order to avoid eye irritations or infections. Also, do not use lashes that are gifted to you used as this is considered hazardous as well.)



soft mink lahses

Mink lashes are assembled with authentic mink fur.  Being highly regarded as luxurious lashes, mink lashes are not suitable for individuals with animal allergies. Please refer to our Allergy Testing article if you are considering mink lashes for wear. Mink fur is magnificently soft in texture in comparison to other lash materials. Mink lashes can be considered as soft as natural human lashes, as they have similar qualities. Due to the soft texture, mink fur produces very fluffy appearing lashes and this feature holds a high advantage over competing lash materials.

Considering how soft mink lashes are, it makes them extremely comfortable to wear practically all day. Mink lashes eliminate the concerns of stiff lashes or pointy ends piercing your eyelids. Also, mink lashes are easy to apply because of how soft and flexible they are. Compared to firmer lashes like synthetic, mink lashes make the application process a breeze due to the soft characteristics of mink fur.



lightweight mink lashes

In addition to mink lashes being soft, they are also amazingly lightweight. Almost so lightweight, you’ll forget they’re there. Some lash materials may be heavy enough that you feel like your eyelid is beginning to droop. On the other hand, mink lashes are virtually weightless. The fact mink lashes are so lightweight, it’s also an accommodating feature that makes them so comfortable to wear.

Don’t let the lightweight lashes convince you the mink fur is either skimpy or few and far between. In fact, mink lashes are brilliantly dramatic without a shortage of mink furs. It’s mind-blowing how lashes as full mink can be so lightweight. Mink lashes are lightweight because the fur is a natural hair follicle. Other lash types are composed of artificial materials which add weight, like plastic and man made fibers or gloss, whereas mink lashes are natural.


Natural Appearing

natural appearing mink lashes

Speaking of natural, not only are mink lashes naturally lightweight without additives, they are pleasantly natural appearing. Whether you have straight, curly, long, short and barely any natural lashes at all, mink lashes effortlessly accentuate your eyes. It is truly phenomenal how natural mink lashes appear in all of its shapes and forms. From dramatic to thick or subtle, mink lashes will appear as if your eyelashes magically transform overnight when you switch your lash styles.

Some lash materials provide an artificial finished look when applied, however, this is no cause for concern with mink lashes. Mink lashes have a natural shining texture. The mink fur material is naturally wispy and will add a 3D effect to your eyes due to how full they are. If you’re looking for a natural looking lash, mink fur is considered a superior preference. However if you have animal allergies, faux mink is an ideal alternative.



reuable mink lashes

Mink lashes have a strong advantage over other lash materials, and that advantage is the ability to reuse. Not a single reuse, but continued use for up to 25 times depending on proper care and handling. Thanks to the natural attributes to mink fur, like resilience and durability, mink lashes can sustain natural form and and appearance well after the first wear. That’s why it is important to learn more about how to care for your lashes in our article about proper lash care.

Being that mink lashes are reusable, you can have your favorite signature lash at the palm of your hand and not have to worry about buying a new pair right away. Or, you can switch up your lashes whenever you want and alternate between styles and not have to throw them away after a single use. There’s a relief that comes along with reusable lashes because all you have to do is take care of them properly and you will fulfill their expected lifespan.

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