What is your eye shape?

So you’ve made the discovery after looking at lashes, that lash styles target specific eye shapes. Eyes and lashes come in various shapes and sizes. Lash style and eye shape terminology may be overwhelming to some and leave you wondering what’s the difference. In this article, we explain the different eye shapes and provide the best lash styles for each shape.


Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are an extremely versatile shape. With equal proportions, almond eyes tend to be symmetrical. When almond eyes are open, the eyelid is visible and the white above or below the iris cannot be seen. This shape is wide in the center of the eye and has a slight point at the end of the eye.

Most lash styles work well the almond eye shape and you can experiment to discover your signature style. Lashes distributed evenly along the band, like our Natural Long style will accentuate almond eye shapes. Winged lashes with longer and wispy mink strands on the outer corners of the eye add a fabulous edge to almond shaped eyes.  Lash styles like crisscross or thick will provide magnificent volume and dramatic eye appeal.


Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are not exactly a symbol of age, as young women have this eye shape as well. Right above the crease of this shape, hooded eyes have a bit more skin. The eyelids of hooded eyes appear smaller due to the veil of skin over the crease. Some of the eyelid is hidden by the fold when hooded eyes are open.

The extra layer of skin hooded eyes possess, make it a mysterious and attractive shape. Layered lashes that combine long and short lengths, like our crisscross style will portray enhanced depth for hooded eyes. For the illusion of bigger and open eyes, try lashes with longer strands in the center like our natural long style. Long lashes that curve upwards towards your brow bone look great on hooded eye shapes.


Round Eyes

Round eyes are known for their dimension. With the width and height of round eyes almost being identical, this eye shape is circular in nature. When round eyes are open, the white around the iris is visible. Round eyes are big and bright and have a visible crease in the eyelid.

To create a cat-eye shape with round eyes, wispy lashes like our winged style will accentuate the lash line. Avoid thick style lashes, as they tend to make round eyes appear rounder and smaller. Lash styles that draw out longer lengths at the corners will give round eyes a longer eye effect and keep the eye from looking flat. Long and curly lashes that fan outwards will balance the round eye shape with a multi-layer, voluminous illusion.


Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eye shapes sit under your brow bone and slightly further back. Set deep into the skull with prominent brow bones, this eye position causes the eyelid to appear smaller and shorter. You’ll know you have deep set eyes if you can place your finger vertically over your eyelid.

To enhance the size of deep set eyes, long curly lashes will accomplish an open eye effect for this shape. Deep set eyes are flexible when it comes to dramatic lash styles without overpowering the eyes. Voluminous lashes high in density like our thick style lashes compliment this deep eyes the best. Call attention away from the brow bone, wispy lashes with natural long length will bring deep set eyes to center stage.


Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes have an eyelid that is mostly concealed. When the monolid eye is open, there is no visible crease. This eye shape can present itself in different variations such as puffy, sunken and flat just to name a few. Monolid eyes often have naturally straight lashes.

Creating a crease with monolid lashes can be accomplished with crisscross styled lashes that provide drama and dimension. For an elongated eye shape, winged styled lashes add flare and length on the outer corners and create openness. Avoid thick lashes that cause the eyelids to appear weighed down. Medium length lashes with upward curls like our natural long lashes give the monolid eye shape an extra lift.


Upturn Eyes

Upturned eyes point higher on the outer corner of the eye. The inner corner of the upturn eye is turned downwards. Upturned eyes lower eyelids tend to look longer than the top lid. This eye shape is considered a good cat eye candidate.

To draw attention to the upturn eye shape, a flared lash like winged will create an accentuating an effect. For this eye shape, flared half lashes will even out the upper and lower proportions for upturned eyes. Avoid lashes that are emphasize thickness, as it will create a heavy look on upturned eyes. Lash styles that encourage a lift in volume like natural long that are rounded will even out the appearance of upturned eye shapes.


Downturn Eyes

Downturn eye shapes have outer corners that slant lower than the inner corners. Similar to upturned eyes, downturn eyes also create the ultimate cat eye appearance. If your eyes drop low on the outer corners, you have the downturn eye shape.

To extend the outer corner of the downturn eye shape, opt in for voluminous lash with flare like the winged style. Lashes that are shorter in the inner corners of the eye and tapered will avoid exaggerated downturn eye shape. Choose a lash that has a strong curl at the outer edges in order to accomplish the illusion of larger, open eyes. Avoid lashes that are dramatically thick as this lash style will cause an unbalanced appearance.


Close Set Eyes

Close set eyes have a short distance between the eyes. This eye shape has a small space between the eyes and the inner corner of the eyes will sit close to your nose. If your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart, closed set is your eye shape.

The best lash for closed set eyes is a style that flares on the outer edge like winged. By accentuating the outer corners of this eye shape, it will pull focus away from the inner corner of your eyes and highlight this eye shape. Create the illusion of more space between the eyes with longer lashes with lengths that begin at the center to the end. Voluminous lashes that concentrate on the outer edges will accentuate the closed set eye shape.


Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eye shapes have a space between them that is larger than one eyeball width apart. You will know if you have wide set eyes if you observe your eye shape in the mirror and can determine that the inner corners of your eyes is larger than the width of one eye.

When creating an illusion that the wide set eye shape is closer together, choose lash styles with longer lengths in the middle. Emphasize wide set eyes and downsize the distance with criss-cross lashes that open the eyes. Long and full lashes targeted in the inner eye corners will give the wide set eyes an appearance the eyes are closer together. Avoid winged lashes, as it draws attention to the space between the wide set eyes.

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