Encased Mink Lashes

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  • 25/50/100 Pairs of Mink lashes
  • Individual lash cases

These wholesale Mink lashes are each held within a durable clear plastic sliding case. The case is complimented by a glittery pink sheet that is placed beneath the lash tray.


Lash attributes and styles

Phenomenal Entity Mink lashes are superior in quality. Featuring a natural appearance and luxuriously high density, our lashes boast durability and resilience. Being handcrafted and assembled using clusters of Mink strands varying in length, each lash is unique.

With an impeccable natural finished texture, our lashes are undoubtedly designed for ultimate comfort. Perfect for any occasion, each signature lash is dramatic and is certain to make a bold statement effortlessly.

Natural Long:




Customize your lash selections

Our variety of wholesale packages make it easier to chose your ideal order. We offer packages of 25, 50 and 100 pairs of lashes sold at wholesale value.

All wholesale orders require specification on which lash models you require based on the quantity of lashes you have chosen. You may mix and match styles.


Supply your order details on checkout page using example formula:

Model Name x Quantity