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07 Oct 2018 / Sacred /

Do Your Natural Eyelashes Need a Boost?

Whether you have long, short, straight, curly, or barely any natural eyelashes at all, our store boasts a vast selection of signature Mink falsies. The best thing about falsies is the ability to customize and switch things up whenever desired and the fact you’re not bound to your selections. In a way, your falsies may aid in your self esteem, heighten your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. Falsies may be found to be a life-changing event that follows a shock to its wearer and even considered a daily accessory for some. The effect Mink lashes have depends on its wearer and their connection with it.

We are confident in our ability to provide you with only the highest quality, authentic mink lashes. While we understand that not every eyelash may be suitable for all occasions, we encourage you to build a collection of your favorites. Well, perhaps you do not desire to build a collection and prefer to find that one signature pair you can call your own. Fret not either way, whatever eyelash you are looking for, you are certain to find at


Your Favorite Mink Eyelash Boutique

We believe in making your eyelash search an easy one, where you can effortlessly browse our catalog and find your selections with ease. Our catalog is updated frequently to reflect new Mink eyelash releases. We strive to be the first boutique you visit to discover the latest Mink lashes. With the eyelash market increasing in variations, we want our lash fanatics to see every eyelash in detail. You will truly see the beauty in each eyelash, therefore make informed decisions on your selections. We are thorough in presenting our eyelashes within easy navigation, hence allowing easy lash viewing. Our prices are competitive without compromising product quality.

We understand that our lash enthusiasts enjoy Mink lashes as much as we do. is here for your better interest, therefore we are confident you will find your signature eyelash with us. Various lengths and styles of Mink eyelashes are in our store awaiting your discovery. We conduct research on our eyelashes to ensure our manufacturers provide cruelty-free products, as we are a cruelty-free business.


We Only Offer Mink Eyelash Materials

As a result of popular eyelash demands, there any many different eyelash materials. Such as synthetics, human hair and silk for example. However we do not sell alternative materials in our store. Mink lashes are not only noticeably lightweight, they are also natural appearing. In contrast to some materials, Mink lashes require extra care due to the nature of the delicate, handcrafted assembly. Mink lashes boast a reuse value of up to 25 times.

Our primary goal remains the same at We are here to remind you that you are already phenomenal. All we do is enhance the phenomenal of your entity by providing you with luxurious eyelashes with the ability to enhance your natural beauty and exude your inner glow, oozing a renowned confidence. Go ahead and bat your eyelashes, we encourage you to feel like the best you and embrace your beauty. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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