Frequently Asked Questions



What is this store?

Phenomenal Entity is a Mink eyelash wholesale supplier. We sell professional lashes at competitive prices with a unique catalog of signature styles.


Is my payment information safe?

Our store is secured with SSL protection and multiple layers of security protocol. Your payment information and sensitive data that you submit is encrypted with substantial levels of data security.


What payment methods are accepted?

We only use payment systems from trusted terminals like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal and Stripe. We do not accept checks or money order payments. We do not extend credit or financing within our store.


How do I get coupons or discounts?

Coupons are randomly released and have expiration dates and purchase conditions or limitations. Exclusive discounts are extended to our frequent customers. Subscribe to our e-mail list for coupon notifications and special offers.


Can coupons be applied to existing orders?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, a coupon cannot be applied. Please ensure you apply your coupon at checkout to receive your discounted cart total.




What are authentic Mink lashes?

Authentic Mink is 100% real Mink strands harvested from Mink during natural shedding season. A Mink is a semiaquatic, carnivorous mammal. Mink stands provide a reusable and premium false eyelash.


Are tweezers or adhesive included with the lashes?

Our lashes do not include the full assemble kit, such as glue and tweezers. These additional products are sold separately.


Is this a cruelty-free company?

We are firm advocates of animal welfare and are dedicated to providing cruelty-free products. Our mink strands are harvested naturally with care and without harm.


Are lashes slightly different than pictured?

Based on the handmade crafting of our Mink lashes, slight differences may vary. Our Mink lashes are assembled by hand and as a result, lashes may not be identical as pictured. However, their features will still present the model you select.


Do you have wholesale or custom orders?

Please check our Wholesale collection on our shop page for packages and prices. Contact us for custom orders.


Are Mink lashes reusable?

Our Mink lashes are reusable up to 25 times. Fulfilling the general lifespan of Mink Lashes is contingent upon proper user handling and care. Negligent handling of Mink lashes may decrease estimated reuse value.




What is the cost for shipping?

There is no shipping charge for orders placed within the United States. Every order ships free of charge with no minimum purchase required. We currently do not provide expedited shipping services.


Which carriers are used for shipping?

Our store utilizes the United States Postal Service for e-Packets and DSL delivery fulfillment services.


When will orders be delivered?

After placing an order, your wholesale package will arrive within 6-13 days of original purchase date. Lash samples will arrive within 19 days. Fan shop products may take up to 30 days to arrive.


What if product is lost or damaged?

 Please see our full Shipping & Returns Policy page for disclosures.


How to change shipping address?

Contact us immediately if you have entered the wrong shipping address at checkout. Once the item begins processing, it cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded.




Are returns accepted?

Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns.


Can orders be exchanged?

Product exchanges are unavailable.


How to cancel an order?

Orders may be cancelled prior to processing. Contact us immediately to cancel your order. If the order reaches processing, we will be unable to cancel the order.


Can I request a refund?

All sales are final.




What is the E-mail subscription about?

 Subscribing to our E-mail subscriptions will allow us to update special notifications, coupons and promotions. You may receive updates on our blog.


How do I open an account?

Creating an account is a simple process and an active E-mail address is required.


How do I close my account?

If you wish to close your account, you may submit an account closure request by contacting us.




Do you ship worldwide?

We do not offer worldwide shipping at this time. We expect to expand our shipping regions in the near future.


Which currencies are accepted?

We accept the United States Dollar (USD $) on all orders. Currently, we do not accept any other currencies at time.


Do you provide language support?

 Our company and representatives communicate within the English language. No other languages are supported at this time.