Reach for the stars with Estella and capture an unimaginable appeal beyond expectations. Unleash your inevitable inner prominence with these prestigious Mink lashes. Estella promotes confidence in a luxuriously and fashionable way.

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Based on handmade nature of crafting, lashes may vary slightly. Please allow room for slight differences.

  • Natural Long Design
  • 1cm-1.5cm in Length
  • Impeccable Handcrafting
  • Remarkably Lightweight
  • Durable Structure
  • Naturally Luxurious

Stars shine in the night sky, with wispy light that seems at once ephemeral, and powerful in its radiance. Estella lashes capture those rays and are inspired by them by their natural burst pattern as they come out of a sturdy black cotton terrier back. They are natural black straight mink lashes and are long and wispy at the end. They come sterilized and are 1-1.5 cm in length.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, and in capturing the stars, Estella lets your eyes mimic two stars and their gentle glowing rays. These lashes come in glitter packaging that harkens to far away stars and their dim twinkle in the night sky. Cosmic in inspiration and in origin.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 15 cm
Item Type

False Eyelash

False Eyelashes Type

Full Strip Lashes


False Eyelash Series

Model Number


False Eyelashes Style

False Eyelashes Length

False Eyelash Color


False Eyelash Material

3D Mink

False Eyelash Craft

Hand Made

False Eyelashes Terrier

Black Cotton Stalk


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