Explore your glory with Gloria. The ultimate intensity of elegance from this Mink lash is stunning. Gloria is designed to enhance an elegant confidence and endure many glorious moments.

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Based on handmade nature of crafting, lashes may vary slightly. Please allow room for slight differences.

  • Crisscross Design
  • 1cm-1.5cm in Length
  • Impeccable Handcrafting
  • Remarkably Lightweight
  • Durable Structure
  • Naturally Luxurious

The name Gloria is said to come from the word glory which is chosen to signify prestige and elegant beauty. With these 1-1.5cm long Mink lashes in natural black that are supported by a black cotton stalk terrier, you can explore and accentuate your own magnificent beauty when you apply these atop and weaved with your own resplended eyelashes. The crisscross pattern feathers out to a delicate end curving up just softly to frame your eyes as you revel in your own great distinction through your accomplishments whether out on the town or at work. The shimmering glitter packaging even bespeaks of what’s within by encasing the pair of sterilized full strip lashes with opulence. Glue is not

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm
Item Type

False Eyelash

False Eyelashes Type

Full Strip Lashes


False Eyelash Series

Model Number


False Eyelashes Style

False Eyelashes Length

False Eyelash Color


False Eyelash Material

3D Mink

False Eyelash Craft

Hand Made

False Eyelashes Terrier

Black Cotton Stalk


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