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What’s better than a Mink eyelash boutique? A Mink eyelash boutique that offers Lash 101. We overload you with an abundance of lash information.

Mink eyelashes are our thing. With all of the research we gather on a daily basis, we have enough Lash information to compose a Lash encyclopedia. Although we don’t plan on writing any hard cover reading materials, we thoroughly enjoy blogging valuable lash information.  Whether you visit us for additional lash education or to shop – you can rely on us. We deliver exceptional services and we write quality articles for all of your Mink eyelash needs. Since we are a growing company, we are still in the process of updating our databases, products, and content. We are certain you will discover many things with

We are dedicated to being the best at what we do. Our blogs subjects range from many categories, such as how-to guides, lash manufacturing process, how to apply lashes and the list goes on. We are extremely thorough in our work and detail is the key. We do not believe in providing vague articles with compressed information. Rather, we take pride in emphasizing every subject a lash connoisseur can muster. All of our content is formed after extensive research and personal experience. Refer to our blog with confidence, in knowing our content is genuine and unique.

Being a company with high standards for customer satisfaction, we encourage our customers to communicate with us. If you would like to request certain blog material, we may consider it. It is our business to conduct a healthy relationship with our customers, therefore we provide valuable information for our lash enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy adding new material for your lash education purposes.